Crossroads’ 2024 Multi-Farm CSA FAQ

What is a CSA? 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it’s a great way for community members to support and be a part of their local food system. CSA members are purchasing a “share” of local farmers’ harvests, and during market season—from April 24 to November 27—they pick up their weekly boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables from one of a handful of convenient sites throughout Takoma Park, MD, and Takoma, DC. Typically, CSA members pay for an entire share of produce upfront, and this enables our farmers to plan for the season, purchase and plant new seeds, and cover other production costs.


Give me the basic rundown.

  • Basic shares include a “farmer’s choice” of 4-6 types of vegetable items and 1-2 types of fruit items, equivalent to one-half bushel of produce.
  • Members can choose to add a bi-weekly share of eggs from the pasture-raised hens at Ladybrook Farm to their produce share.

When and where can I pick up my share?

All shares are distributed on Wednesdays, and the pickup sites and times for 2024 are below.

  • Crossroads Farmers Market at Anne St., 11am-2pm
  • Hodges Ln. at Holly Ave., 2pm-9pm
  • 316 Tulip Ave., 2pm-9pm
  • 7406 Flower Ave., 2pm-9pm
  • 9003 Walden Road (Silver Spring), 2pm-9pm

Tell me more about the farms who grow the produce in the Crossroads’ CSA.

Your CSA produce will come primarily from two local farms: Good Dog Farm and Tuckey’s Mountain Grown. We prioritize produce from farms that use organic practices and/or low-spray orchard methods. For more information about the production practices of Crossroads farmers, please visit their websites. We’d be happy to tell you more.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $768, or $24 per share for our 32 week season.

If the upfront payment doesn’t work for you, we also offer the option to pay in four installments.



Here’s what our members are saying:

“The ease of pick up at our neighbors house was great. My daughter loved the peaches and cherries. The quality was fantastic.”

2023 CSA member

The CSA feels so rooted in the community. We love the fresh fruit and vegetables.

2023 CSA Member

Diverse selection of vegetables every week — chance to learn to cook and eat new veggies!!

2023 CSA Member

Is CSA membership a good fit for me?

Because the hallmark of any CSA is a seasonal commitment, we appreciate the amount of thought that goes into this question. In fact, the CSA model, which entails sharing the risks as well as the rewards with our farmers, is not for everyone. If you are on the fence about joining, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I up for trying new foods? Kohl-what-bi? It’s very possible at some point you’ll receive something you’ve never eaten—let alone cooked!—before. That’s why we send CSA members weekly newsletters letting them know what to expect in their boxes and a few recipe suggestions to try. We’re always available to answer questions about what’s in your box and what to do with it. CSA members enjoy learning about new foods, and experimenting with new ways to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Do I want to eat seasonally? Joining a CSA takes all the guesswork out of eating seasonally—if it’s in your box, it’s just-picked fresh, in-season, and delicious. CSA members truly eat with the seasons, enjoying fresh leafy greens, berries, and stone fruit throughout the summer, tomatoes in August, and hearty root vegetables and sturdy greens in the fall.
  • Do I want to support local farmers? Joining our CSA means that you are committing to standing by our farmers for the entire growing season, and that you are willing to accommodate the inherent risks (and rewards!) of farming. Too much or too little rain could mean a limited variety of fruits and vegetables in your box for a week or two, while a stretch of ideal weather conditions could result in bumper crop yields. CSA members are flexible, and take things as they come.
  • Do I want to be a part of my local food system? There are so many benefits to buying local food! For starters, local food tastes better and has more nutrients, because it’s picked at its peak and gets to you faster. The environment also benefits; local food cuts out the middle man and shortens the distance your food travels, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. Investing in our farmers not only supports their efforts to be responsible stewards of their land, but also ensures that local farmland stays out of the hands of developers. CSA members are passionate about where their food comes from, and about sustaining local farms so that future generations can also have access to fresh, healthy food.


I’m not able to cover the whole cost upfront. Do you offer payment plans?

We sure do! You can opt to pay in four installments. Find more info here.

What if I need to skip a week?

If you are not able to pick up your share, you are welcome to have a friend pick it up. If you know you will miss a pickup in advance, we’ll happily donate your share to a Crossroads neighbor in need: just give us 48 hours advance notice through the online form linked in your weekly newsletter.

I’m not sure my household can use all the produce in a share. Do you offer smaller shares?

We only have one share option, but we can help find a neighbor to split your share with. Email Liz ( and let us know! In the past, members have split shares by each picking up every other week or by splitting the produce between them each week.


Still have questions?


Check out our CSA Member Agreement for more details, or email Liz, your friendly neighborhood CSA Coordinator (