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In response to community demand, Crossroads developed infrastructure and programming to increase equity in food entrepreneurship. We provide affordable kitchen space and free, bilingual business support through the Microenterprise Development Program to equip food entrepreneurs with the skills and resources they need to build successful food businesses.

Most food entrepreneurs lack the capital to invest in their own production facilities, and rental costs at the handful of available commercial kitchens in the DC area are prohibitive. Crossroads worked with the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church to transform an existing kitchen space into a shared-use, commercial kitchen to help meet the needs of small-scale food entrepreneurs. Open since August 2017, the Takoma Park Silver Spring Community Kitchen provides much-needed affordable food prep space.

The kitchen is now open to new applicants. Read more about the application process here. There is no waiting list; food businesses are evaluated based on their status, nature, type of kitchen space needed (and the availability of such space), and resources needed.

If you’re thinking of starting a food business or need guidance in taking your food business to the next level, please fill out this interest form to receive information about the kitchen, monthly Lunch & Learn info sessions, Microenterprise Development Program updates, and additional resources. Si está pensando en comenzar un negocio de alimentos o si necesita orientación para llevar su negocio de alimentos al siguiente nivel, por favor llene este formulario de interés para recibir información sobre eventos mensuales de Almuerzo y Aprendizaje, actualizaciones del Programa de Desarrollo de Microempresas de Crossroads y recursos adicionales.

A range of food business tools can be found in our Resource Guide. Want to share feedback about the operations of the kitchen? If so, click here.


Check out some of our current food businesses:


Healthy, flavored almond butters
A-Butter is an almond butter business that started in Boston in December 2019. The company’s mission is to create uniquely flavored almond butters without palm oil. There are four main flavors (Original, Maple, Honey, and Apple Cinnamon), along with seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice and gingerbread.

Owner Aaron Spencer now lives in Silver Spring, and has an unyielding passion for food access for all communities. His diet has been been plant-based since 2018, and enjoys how it has positively impacted his life.

Bèl Botanica Chocolat

Superfood-infused chocolate bars
A native Washingtonian, owner Saskia-Sams Yeboah is a local chocolatier with a passion for cacao, creativity, beauty, health, mindfulness, food security, and community. Her passion for culinary arts grew from watching her parents cook foods from around the world. That passion was fostered during culinary arts school in Hawaii, and then her imagination was ignited with visions of growing cacao, owning a chocolate shop, and crafting artistic pieces from cacao.

Bèl Botanica was formed out of Saskia’s own relationship to food and sugar and her love of cacao. Her motivation comes from her desire to learn more about her Ghanaian heritage through the magic of cacao.

ButterQueen Bakery

Southern homestyle pound cakes
ButterQueen Bakery is a mobile black-owned bakery specializing in southern homestyle pound cakes and treats. They also offer gluten-free and vegan pound cakes that do not discriminate on taste or texture! Owner Shai Sumpter is a self-taught baker from southern Virginia with more than 21 years of experience making her loved cakes and treats. She had no idea her childhood moments baking with her grandma would one day turn into a successful business. Shai started out using the recipes grandma taught her, then she began creating her own flavor profiles and bringing the pound cakes to work events and celebrations with friends. Soon, Shai began receiving order requests for birthday cakes, weddings, and other celebrations. With some encouragement from her community and grandma, Shai started ButterQueen Bakery in 2021. ButterQueen Bakery can be found at FreshFarm farmers markets and at various pop-ups throughout the DMV.

Cookie YAY

Daddy daughter baked goods company
Cookie YAY is a Daddy and daughter all-natural, small-batch baked goods company dedicated to funding the development of young entrepreneurs. The idea was born when an 11-year-old daughter asked her father to help her create a cookie company during the height of the pandemic. Dad, wanting his daughters to develop entrepreneurial skills, went to task. His position as a clinical exercise physiologist took a back seat to the development of a legacy business. Daughter was able to solve the problem of creating delicious-tasting treats for someone with an egg allergy.

Little Bites Catering

Sweet and savory treats
Little Bites is a small catering company that offers a limited selection of Peruvian appetizers and desserts, as well as some Mexican dishes for private and corporate events in the DMV area. Owner Miriam Perlacio takes care of every detail and strives every day to offer the best of herself in a professional way. Her goal is always to provide personalized service that meets all the expectations and demands of her customers.

Nisani Farm

Ginger and turmeric syrups, granola, and teas
Nisani Farm, which produces largely ginger and turmeric crops, derives its inspiration from owner Ann Codrington’s Belizean roots. Nisani means “our daughters” in the Belizean language of Garifuna, and speaks to the three generations of women at Nisani Farm—Ann, her mother, and her two daughters. Known for their medicinal qualities, ginger and turmeric form the base for Ann’s syrups, granola, and teas.


Herbal tea infusions
POWERUP was born out of a desire to help people live longer, healthier lives. With over 40 years of combined healthcare experience, owners James and Dorothy Okode saw first-hand the cost and burden that chronic illness had on people and the healthcare system. Their infusions are rich and bold in flavor and formulated to enhance overall health and wellness using natural and organic ingredients. POWERUP products provide support for heart and vascular health, promote healthy blood pressure levels, increase energy production, boost the immune system, and have powerful anti-oxidative capabilities. Invest in your health today as prevention is better and cheaper than cure!

Sincerely Wilma

100% Natural pancake & waffle batter
Wilma’s batter was first sampled by our owner, Tamara Cole, on a beautiful Sunday morning in her grandmother’s home over 37 years ago. Throughout Tamara’s childhood and early adulthood, she spent many hours shadowing her grandmother’s cooking techniques and recipes. In 2018, Sincerely Wilma was introduced to the world with five basic ingredients: flour, eggs, milk, butter and love.


Cotton Candy Art
Whether at Coney Island or the “Happiest Place on Earth,” cotton candy is the greatest treat of all — a rare confection, fleeting and magical (and oh-so-sweet smelling!). Spun‘s team of Cotton Candy Artists are re-imagining those beautiful sugary “clouds” and bringing a new level of excitement to weddings and social and corporate events, delighting guests with their original jumbo cones, hearts, animals, and other fun shapes.

Sweet Pea Farm

Gourmet mushrooms and heirloom vegetables
Sweet Pea Farm is a small, naturally grown operation based in Upper Marlboro, MD, focusing on the production of gourmet mushrooms, heirloom vegetables, and delicious treats made from them. Our goals are to further access to nutritious food, increase sustainable practices, and stimulate innovative urban agriculture.

Sweet Pea Farm grows primarily Grey Oyster, King Oyster, Shiitake, and Lion’s Mane mushrooms, as well as a variety of greens, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, onions, and squash. You can find them at several farmer’s markets throughout DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, and they have a few wholesale partners that they deliver to as well.

Thomas Thyme

Versatile caterer known for crab mac and cheese
Thomas Squire has been cooking since an early age. After completing his undergraduate degree, he began cooking and experimenting with new recipes and decided to create a catering business, Thomas Thyme. Thomas creates aromatic flavor profiles and puts a fresh spin on classic dishes like shrimp and grits, peach cobbler, and his popular crab mac and cheese. Thomas is frequently featured on ABC’s Good Morning Washington and Fox 5’s Good Day DC doing cooking demos and recipe testing. Most recently, he was featured catering for Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” while they were filming in Washington, DC, for the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.

Zion Roar

Sea Moss-infused drinks
The hallmark offering of Zion Roar is a line of sea moss waters. These delicious drinks combine extremely high nutrient profiles with instantly craveable flavors! Zion Roar’s customers have driven all the way from Virginia Beach to get their hands on these amazing beverages. Local folks can find them at the TPSS Co-op in Takoma Park. Zion Roar is more than a beverage company, it exists to be a sound to help wake people up to take their temples (bodies) seriously. Owner Alston Ezra Clark says, “our tagline is ‘Be Mighty.’ “

TPSS Community Kitchen alumni:

Arcay Chocolates

Handcrafted bonbons, truffles, and unique desserts
Arcay Chocolates are the product of Anabella Arcay, a Venezuelan Master Chocolatier. A vast experience with chocolate and cocoa has positioned Arcay Chocolates as one of the premier collections of bonbons and truffles in the world. Arcay Chocolates is an internationally acclaimed Chocolatier with 42 international awards, providing a colorful combination of flavors and art that creates an atmosphere of exquisite sensations, offering a variety of superb and mouth-watering chocolates and desserts.

Aroma Juice Cafe

Pressed juices and smoothies
Aroma Juice Cafe, run by Egla Wolde-Mesket in Downtown Silver Spring, offers fresh-pressed juices and smoothies sweetened only with natural sweeteners like honey and dates, as well as fresh coffee, vegan/vegetarian dishes, and baked goods.

Capital City Sweets & Treats

Gluten-free, nut-free baked goods
Capital City Sweets & Treats is a family-run online bakery dedicated to creating delicious gluten-free desserts in the Metropolitan DC area. As owner Mona McKenzie says, “No wheat…still a treat!.

Charlie’s Empanadas

Real Argentinian empanadas
Charlie’s Empanadas are made fresh, using local, natural ingredients. No preservatives or artificial flavors are ever used, and all items are prepared to order. Follow Charlie’s on Facebook to see where they’ll be next!

Cheryl’s Kitchen

Maple-frosted nuts
Cheryl Sloan, aka the “nutty lady,” began her business 11 years ago when she couldn’t stand going to the mall to buy presents during the holidays. She took to her home kitchen in Takoma Park and began creating handmade cookies and cakes for her loved ones, adorning the center of each cookie tin with her special frosted nuts. Before long, her friends and family’s rave reviews encouraged her to consider making her nuts for profit. Cheryl’s Kitchen will one day be a cafe where people experience all of Cheryl’s incredible cookie ideas.


Organic and hand-blended loose-leaf and iced teas
Civilitea‘s tea leaves and artisanal herbs are always 100% organic and sourced through fair trade practices. Be it rose petals, nettle, and lavender from Maryland or white and green Camellia tea leaves from southern India, the ingredients in every drop of their teas have been gathered with intention and care. Find Civilitea at Main St. Pearl in Takoma Park.

El Carreton

Artisanal ice cream and frozen treats
Using only the freshest fruits of the Americas, Xavier Carrillo of El Carreton captures in every frozen treat the exotic flavors and decadence of childhood. His signature ice cream and sorbet flavors include passion fruit, coconut, green mango, pineapple, mamey zapote (with hints of honey, peach, and apricot) as well as a rainbow assortment of guava flavors. In addition to these handmade, natural helados, Xavier also makes paletas (fresh fruit popsicles) and refreshing drinks such as cucumber lemonade.

The Green Rooster

Salads and superfood bowls
Tori Paide, founder of The Still Point Spa and now The Green Rooster food truck, says she’s out to prove that plant-based, profoundly nutritious food is delicious and deeply healing. “Working with local purveyors of vegetables, microgreens, granola, juice, tea, and more, our mission is to source as local as possible and support entrepreneurs in our community of Takoma Park and Washington, DC.” Options include superfood smoothies and bowls, soups, toasts, salads, medicinal elixirs, and hot and cold froths.

Gypsy Diva Fresh

Cold-pressed juices, smoothies & salads,
As a child growing up in Detroit, Bev Coleman, founder of Gypsy Diva Fresh, loved watching her Trinidadian mom cook. All those different sauces, ingredients, textures, and aromas really piqued her curiosity and caused her love of food to blossom. Bev now prepares delicious, healthy food, including her signature product: mason jar salads. They are simple, super healthy — with layer upon fantastic layer of fresh veggies and grains — and refreshingly delicious!

Jalapeño Mexican Grill

Authentic Mexican cuisine from the Veracruz region
Ciro Fernandez and Araceli Lara say they are a classic mom-and-pop operation, and they make authentic Mexican food like you might see on the street or in a white-tablecloth restaurant in Puebla or Veracruz. Their food does not come from cans or microwaveable bags; they source fresh ingredients in season from local farmers markets, and most spices and seasonings come from their homeland. Look for Jalapeño Mexican Grill at Crossroads Farmers Market.

Karing Cakes & Confections

Custom-made cakes
.When she was little, Karen Munguia could often be found underfoot while her mother, Blanca, and other bakers created delectable treats at Takoma Kitchens. “Once she took a blueberry tart,” recalls Blanca, “but we didn’t know until we found her underneath a table with a ring of filling around her mouth.” This brought a smile to Takoma Kitchens owner, John Hyde, who Blanca says was like family. Hyde primarily sold his baked goods at the Takoma Park Farmers Market, but as his friendships with his employees deepened and he became more connected to the local immigrant community, he would go on to co-found Crossroads Farmers Market in 2007 to make fresh fruits and vegetables more accessible in the Takoma/Langley Crossroads. Fast forward 10 years, and now Munguia owns her own baking company, Karing Cakes, and is one of the first small-scale food entrepreneurs to use the TPSS Community Kitchen.

Marble Arch Gardens

Holistic herbals
.​Maribel A. Rodriguez’s Marble Arch Gardens was founded based on generations of herbal and natural wisdom within her family. The extensive knowledge of cultivating and utilizing medicinal plants and herbs holistically came from her grandmother, who lived according to mother nature. ​Marble Arch Garden’s product line includes hand-made teas, tinctures, salves, lotions, oils, soaps, creams, and other herbal products.

Muối Tiêu

Vietnamese Food Truck
Muối Tiêu, which means “salt” and “pepper” in Vietnamese, is a food truck in Takoma Park, MD. Like their name, their philosophy is simple—they prepare classic, savory Vietnamese dishes (with some fun twists), including meat/seafood and vegetarian/vegan versions of Vietnamese staples like fresh rice paper rolls, gối  (an herby, flavorful salad), and bánh mì sandwiches. Muối Tiêu is Vietnamese-owned, woman-owned, and family-run. Follow them on Instagram to see where they’ll pop up next!

Nancia’s Antojitos

Guatemalan small plates, fruit arrangements, and catering
Nancia’s big heart and creativity are apparent in all she does. As a teacher working with homeless youth in her native Guatemala, Nancia’s inventiveness helped her make the most of limited resources. Since bringing her passion for cooking and nourishing those around her to Maryland, Nancia has been selling traditional Guatemalan small plates, antojitos, at Crossroads Farmers Market (where she also sources many of her ingredients). Popular Nancia’s Antojitos fare includes carne asada, tortillas con carne, tamales, taquitos, and tostadas.

O’Boy Pizza

Handmade pizza
O’Boy Pizza & Ice Cream, a popular food truck in the DC Metro area makes not just pizza but also Neopolitan-style pizza and luscious ice-cream “sammies.” You can usually find them at outdoor venues like Windridge Vineyards in Darnestown and  Elder Pine Brewing in Gaithersburg. Follow O’Boy Pizza on Instagram to see where they’ll be next!

Roda Juice

Cold-pressed, raw, 100% natural fruit and vegetable juices
The journey of Roda Juice from dream to reality was long and, like much of 2020, fraught with struggles, setbacks, and pivoting! When owner Roberto Tapia immigrated to the United States over 15 years ago, he profoundly missed the fresh fruit juices he grew up with in his native Mexico and Chile. After opening Roda Movements in 2008, a studio dedicated to fitness, dance, and martial arts in Takoma Park, Roberto hoped to enhance his customers’ experience by tapping into his love of fresh, healthy, 100% natural juices. Roberto hopes to move beyond the idea of juicing as a health fad and connect it to its cultural roots — specifically from his native Latin America.


Waka Kuroyanagi shares her passion for the subtleties and natural taste of typical, everyday Japanese food with her business, TAGOtogo. Waka’s food is deeply rooted in her appreciation for sourcing locally available, farm-to-table ingredients to prepare her popular bento boxes, sushi, and stuffed giant rice balls, using sustainable, seasonal, and organic ingredients.

Yoga in a Bowl

Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic foods
Liz Chabra was born and brought up in India and is a self-professed yoga junkie and Ayurvedic cook. Her passion for fresh, healthful food led her to start her business, Yoga in a Bowl, which specializes in fresh, Ayurvedic Indian cuisine, including fresh kati rolls, mango lassi, palak paneer, and Indian chutneys. Her products can be found at several Maryland and DC farmers markets.

“An incredible resource for small businesses like ours.”

Danny Wells, Civilitea

Kitchen user

“Everyone is very supportive here.

Ciro Fernandez, Jalapeño Mexican Grill

Kitchen user

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# of food items now produced in the kitchen: 117+

# of farm to food business partnerships formed: 17

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