Zion Roar

After a year of exploration around the US, traveling the world, and spending time with family during the global pandemic, I realized the most valuable possessions were intangible. Ultimately this enhanced perspective led to the birth of Zion Roar in 2020. The hallmark offering of Zion Roar is a line of sea moss waters. These delicious drinks combine extremely high nutrient profiles with instantly craveable flavors!

Zion Roar’s customers have driven all the way from Virginia Beach, VA, to get their hands on these amazing beverages. Local folks can find them at the TPSS Co-op in Takoma Park. Zion Roar is more than a beverage company, it exists to be a sound to help wake people up to take their temples (bodies) seriously.


Alston Ezra Clark, Owner

ButterQueen Bakery

ButterQueen Bakery is a mobile black-owned bakery specializing in Southern homestyle pound cakes and treats, including gluten-free and vegan pound cakes. Owner Shai Sumpter is a self-taught baker from Southern Virginia with more than 21 years of experience making her loved cakes and treats. She had no idea her childhood moments baking with her grandma would one day turn into a successful business.

Shai started out using the recipes grandma taught her, then she began creating her own flavor profiles and bringing the pound cakes to work events and celebrations with friends. ButterQueen Bakery can be found at various pop-ups and farmers markets throughout the DMV, including Crossroads Farmers Market.

Shai Sumpter, Owner