Stories from Crossroads

We travel through Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania to get to know our producers and share their stories with you!

Tuckey's Mountain Grown

Tucked into the base of the Michaux State Forest, we visited Tuckey’s Mountain Grown in Biglerville, PA. Kevin and his family have 110 acres, with 25 in production of apples, peaches, plums, berries, and a variety of annuals. Read more about our February farm visit!

Ladybrook Farm

Curious to learn what pasture-raised chickens look like? We visited Ladybrook Farm in Monkton, MD to check it out for ourselves! Read about our farm visit in April.

Montoya's Farm

We roadtripped to the Northern Neck of Virginia to visit Montoya’s Farm in March. Read more about our adventure to the farm!

Potomac Vegetable Farms

At PVF, the goal is always to cover the soil. Bare soil leads to erosion and loss of nutrients and gives weeds room to grow without competition. Read more about PVF’s sustainable land policies and our November visit.